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Online stockbrokers
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There are a lot of online stockbroker out there who are offering to take care of your trades online for a lot smaller fee than what you normally have to fork out when dealing with a real broker.





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Quote Services

The problem with using online stockbroker is that you won't get any help or advice. You will therefore need to find information about the stock you are interested in yourself. The pure statistics can be found a the following places:


I consider Yahoo to be the best place to gather information. It offers most of the trading stats you need, new, SEC Filings, Company profile, charts (even though not with variable start and end date [1 day, 3 month, 1 year, 2 year or 5 year] ), and you can tailor your page to fit our own needs.
The New York Stock Exchange has one of the best looking sites around!
Nasdaq is not far behind.
The Quote server provides a simple way of examining your stocks.
ICQ.COM has nice graphs from day to year span (only until present). Also displays moving average. A lot more info if you fork out some money. new17.gif (275 bytes)
To use you need to register, but most of the features are for free once registered.
MyQuote has information not only about stocks but everything that involves your economy. new17.gif (275 bytes) Fairly unstable. Quites, charts, and top 50 gainers, volumegainers and more. new17.gif (275 bytes)
Real money for virtual stocks. new17.gif (275 bytes)
Russel Index new17.gif (275 bytes)
ZDNet Inter@ctive Ivestor has a wide veraity of information: Top news, market view, winners and loosers, The day ahead. Mainly a look at the high tec sector. Charts, news, SEC Filings, key finacials and more. Very good. new17.gif (275 bytes)
Stocksite Offers: Stock Picks, Daily Newsletter, Company Research, Your Portfolio, Stockwatch, Market Monitor, Movers & Actives, Bond Market, Reuters, News, Stock Splits, Up/Downgrades, Earnings Calendar, Reported Earnings, Economic Calendar, Glossary, Stock Ticker, Tool Download and Financial Careers. new17.gif (275 bytes)
Siliconinvestor new17.gif (275 bytes)
Stock Talk read and mail in comments, hints and tips. new17.gif (275 bytes)
JAVA Personal Agent Contiously updated info. new17.gif (275 bytes)
Alphachar Has a lot of interesting charts using Java Applet. Bollinger Bands MACD SAR Momentum Chaikin Oscillator Directional Movement OBV Williams %R RSI Moving Averages Accumulation/Distribution Candlestick Stochastic Oscillator. new17.gif (275 bytes)
A lot of general financial information as well as Stock quotes can be found at Infoseek Personal finance channel.
Investools offers among other things nice graphs where you can select the start and end date for the stock you are looking for.  The graphs are for free, but many other information cost a few cents here and there.
From CNNfn comes the Common investor mistakes, a test with links. Another one. new17.gif (275 bytes)
Zacks gives recommendations for major U.S. stocks, as well as earnings predictions and other data. The surprises of the day is in here. Activities, Gainers, Losers, volume- high- and lowalerts. new17.gif (275 bytes)
Affärsvärldens Swedish news. new17.gif (275 bytes)
CBS Marketwatch Contains a lot of news. Seems to be really good. new17.gif (275 bytes)
Thomson Investors Network contains a lot of news and stock picks, stock of the day. new17.gif (275 bytes)
GomezWire mainly articles. new17.gif (275 bytes)

The Stockholm stock market

Hagströmer & Qviberg offers some nice graphs as well as normal stock quotes.
Stockholm Stock Exchange official homepage contains the most information about the Stockholm stock exchange.
Affärsvärlden also contains graphs news, individual information about most of the companies trades at the Stockholm stock market and currency rates for a dozen currencies. Also in English.
A quick look at the major market indexes can be found at Security APL Market Watch
Linewise has a very simple stock list.



Stock Picks

If you want to find out what other people think is good and bad stock to buy, you should check out the following links:

Daytraders Online seems to have very good stock picks and offers also an (even better?) service for a fee. Most stocks are aimed at 1 week - 6 months
The Stock Network offers in-depth analysis of an interesting company as well as a listing of online stock trader and many other useful pieces of information.
If you are a believer of Neural networks you should have a look at The short term stock selector.  They boast with an annual Return of investment of 157% for a certain neural network.  They offer a free "today's pick" at noon + a lot of other information.
WWW.STOCKPICKS.COM offers one long-term stock pick/month.
The Eclectic Stock Selection investigates a few stocks with growth potential per month. It is his "think out loud site". Contains a lot easy to follow links. Very nice and user friendly.

Month- 1/2 Year. has a lot of links.
Under valued stock analysis offers a few free stock picks each week.
Hotstocktip has a very interesting site with a brief listing of stock tips. has a newspaper like site with a lot of news and information.
Bob's Pick$. A few picks with a little bit of info about the companies.



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