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Welcome to the JAVA-Game that's a blast way too often.

The name of the game is:

Get to the beer bottle a.s.a.p.!  You all know that sometimes it is not at all as easy as it sounds.  In this case it is worse than normal, because you'r stranded in the desert and there is a whole minefield between you and the beer.  The good news is that you are equipped with a mine detector, that tells you how many mines there are in your surrounding (all eight directions).   There's also some big magnets laying around, that will disturbe the reading of the minedetector if you get next to it.  What else?  Oh, well there are some palm-trees out there and some handgrenades laying around.  If you pick up the grenades you can toss them to clear the path for you.  Dont stand to close when the grenade explodes!  You can also throw out flags to mark the mines (and avoid you stumbeling into the mine).

mine.gif (870 bytes) = Mine
flag.gif (865 bytes) = Flag
grenade.gif (869 bytes) = Handgrenade
magnet.gif (921 bytes) = Magnet
palm.gif (884 bytes) = Palm
Arrow keys Move.
Shift +Arrow keys Toss out a flag.  (Can also throw diagonal.)
Ctrl + Arrow keys Throw handgrenade.  Can throw diagonal.  Don't stand to close!
'R' or Space Restart the game.

You can select between three difficult levels.
Mouse-click the minefield if there is no responce to your keypres.

Enough already, I wanna play!!!

Send me suggestions.

(C) 1998  Joakim Johnson & Jonas Hedlind