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We are so grateful to all our guests, and we particularly appreciate the effort made by those of you traveling from out of town to share in our marriage celebration.

We hope the information below makes your stay in Reykjavik, Iceland a wonderful experience.  We will be adding new things to this website so please make sure that you bookmark this site and revisit it.

If we can be of further assistance to you, please don't hesitate to call Karolina or Joakim at (719)534-1093 or by e-mail at karolina@hotmail.com

When you get to Iceland the easiest way to get hold of us is to call us at 553-5100.  Our cell phone number is 696-6169. 

Here is a link of Domkirkjan where we will get married.  It is in the down town area close to Tjornin (the lake in the center).  The reception will be held at Grand Hotel right after the ceremony. 

Domkirkjan (our church) is located next to the old parliament. 

Travel arrangements

Traveling by air:

Icelandair and SAS are the main airlines that fly regularly to Iceland.  There are other charter airlines that fly to Iceland but we recommend that you fly with Icelandair.  Please visit Icelandair at http://www.Icelandair.com in order to inquire about their prices.  In Sweden you can go to www.icelandair.se . Keflavik is the name of the international airport.  It is located in the southwest corner of Iceland about 40 minutes away from Reykjavik.  For our guests from Sweden, please visit the MrJet website for airfares to Iceland.  They seem to have the best bargain now.  Seats are selling out though.  For our guests from U.S.A., try calling Icelandair (1-800-213-5500), Prism Travel (212-986-8420) and Council Travel (1-800-2-council) for rates. 

Rental car arrangements:

We recommend that you either rent a car or take guided bus tours in order to visit places around the country.


Driving in Iceland

AG Car Rental

J&S Car Rental

Ras Car Rental

Various car rental companies

Bonus (ask for the best offer of the day and e-mail bonuscar@centrum.is).  Tel. 568-8700, Fax 568-8370


We definitely recommend that you start looking into reserving accommodations.  Reykjavik is the culture capital of this year and due to many cultural activities hotels and guesthouses get booked up quickly.   Reykjavik offers hotels, guest houses, hostels, and B&Bs.

Here is a site with information about various accommodation options

Hotels, guesthouses, and youth hostels in Reykjavik

Krian is a guesthouse that is centrally located.  The house looks romantic, doesn't it?

Places to visit

Iceland is especially loved by nature and adventure enthusiasts.  The look of the nature varies according to location.  Keflavik airport is located in the southwest corner among major lava fields.  When you drive to Reykjavik you will feel as if you are on the moon except you will have ocean on your left hand side and mountain ranges on your right hand side.  There are several places around Reykjavik that you should see.  These are:

The Blue Lagoon is known for its curing properties.  It's located about 25 minutes outside Reykjavik.  The mineral contents of the water have been examined by scientists and they have declared the combination excellent for bathing, curing and relaxation.  It is located in the middle of lava fields.  No one should miss it!

Thingvellir (about 1,5 hour drive from Reykjavik).  That's were the first demographic parliament was founded in the year of 930.  The place is a wonder from a nature perspective.  There the earth is splitting apart, creating a canyon with lava fields.  At Thingvellir you should sit down to have coffee and cake or to have a trout (fresh trout from the lake) for dinner.

Gullfoss (the biggest waterfall in Europe).  

Geysir (a geothermal wonder).  It compares to the famous Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park.

Ask about the Golden Circle Tour (includes Gullfoss and Geysir).  Visit one company that displays all of our day tours excursions and plan your trips.

Snæfellsnes (about 2,5 hours from Reykjavik).  The area boasts of a beautiful glacier, Snæfellsjokull that Jules Vernes wrote about.  During the summer time glacier trips are provided on snowmobiles.  At Snæfellsnes you can also go horseback riding along the coast.

Of course you have not seen the whole country unless you visit the North and East.  The North and the East part of Iceland are also nice.  If the weather is not good in the South/West part of Iceland it is usually nice in the North/East part of Iceland.  The North/East part of Iceland resembles Norway in some ways as there are lots of fjords and high mountains there.  Akureyri, Asbyrgi, Egilsstadir, Myvatn and Godafoss are beautiful places that you definitely should see.  To get more information about these places please visit www.re.is.  

A tour of Iceland.  Take a look at these pictures.

Places worth visiting in South Iceland

The blue lagoon 

Iceland in one week

Whales, glaciers and bright summer nights

Multiple variety of tours


Riding tours


Adventure tours

Valtours Ltd: Adventurous tours and excursions in Iceland

Organized snowmobile or snowcat tours to the biggest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull

Iceland Adventure Photo Gallery

Restaurant recommendations

There are plenty of good restaurants in Reykjavik.  If you like to try authentic Icelandic seafood we recommend the following restaurants for fine dining:

Tjornin - offers famous Icelandic dishes. Very cozy atmosphere.

Laekjarbrekka - A famous restaurant and coffee house with focus on Icelandic seafood, mountain lamb and traditional Icelandic dishes.  

Humarhusid - The Lobster House.  Top class cuisine with a variety of meat and fish dishes.  Book tables in advance.

Perlan (located on top of 4 hot water tanks that supply water for Reykjavik area).  Revolving restaurant with an excellent view of the city.

Jonatan Livinston Mavur - International cuisine and Icelandic specialties.  This restaurant is on the waterfront near the Reykjavik Harbor.  Average price for fish: 1800 ISK and for meat 2400 ISK).  $1=72 ISK as of March 1,2000.

These restaurants are pricey but definitely worth the experience.  The quality of the food is extraordinaire!  Treat yourself!

Also we recommend:

Caruso - specializes in Italian food. Cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Candlelight on every table.  

Bella Italia - specializes in Italian food.  Romantic restaurant with great food.

Kaffi Vin - authentic Austrian cuisines in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.  

Vegetarian restaurants that come to our mind: 

A næstu grösum - They serve a range of soups, vegetarian pulse and grain dishes plus their famous home made bread and cakes.  

Grænn kostur - Low prices and delicious spice foods.  

Salatbarinn -  The salad bar. 


General Information about Iceland

Icelandic Tourist Board has a good site with practical information about Iceland, like travel facts, transportation, tours, activities and accommodation.

General information about tourism in Iceland

Clothing:  Please make sure to bring warm clothes, raingear, swimwear, hiking boots, casual and dressy clothes! One never knows how the weather will be, it can change quickly. The temperature in Reykjavik can vary from about 7 degrees C. to 17 degrees C.  Overall in Iceland, summer temperatures can range from a few degrees Celsius to 25 degrees.


Reykjavik has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment.  In the down town area there are lots of bars, pubs, discos and cafes.  The downtown area turns around into a big party place around midnight on weekends. Don't miss it!

Swimming pools - Reykjavik has many swimming pools with water that is heated with geothermal energy.  Our favorite swimming pools are Laugardalslaugin and Arbaejarlaugin.  Laugardalslaugin has 4 hot tubs with four different temperatures! It also has a slide and a huge swimming pool.

Museums -  There are several museums in Reykjavik.  The ones that you should try squeezing in your trip are:

Árbær Open Museum, Árbær - Iceland's largest open air museum.  It has about 25 buildings, built between 1820 and 1907.  They show home furnishing of different periods.

Kjarvalsstaðir - works of the most leading Icelandic and international artist of the 20th century are exhibited.  The works of Iceland's best -loved landscape painter are regularly on display.

The Reykjavik Municipal Art Museum - comprises the Asmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum, the Kjarval collection, the Erro Collection, the Architectural Museum and the Reykjavik Municipal Art Collection.

Einar Jonsson Museum, Njardargata - Beautiful indoor and outdoor sculpture.  The garden is always open.  Please check out this website.

Print out this website and bring it with you as a use for reference once you get to Iceland.  That way you don't have to waste time looking around for what to do.  If you would like to get brochures and flyers please contact your travel agency or visit the Tourist Information Center at Bankastraeti 2, Reykjavik (down town).

We look forward to seeing you!

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