Midsummer 2000


Welcome to have a look at some of the pictures that we took during a camping weekend at Žórsmörk.

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This is a really amazing waterfall. Have a look at the person standing in the bottom left of the picture to get a feel for the size!
Now this is what I call a glacier! The water is ice-cold, deep and necessary to cross to get to the camping ground. Fortunately, we were in Žorleifur's monster jeep so we had no problems.
The three musketeers on their way up the mountain.
The reward was well worth the effort. Just have a look at this and try to imagine standing at the place where this photo was taken!
You can really feel the presence of the elves and trolls in this mountain.
Gustaf is the king of the hill!
It is hard to show how steep the mountain is, but I gave it a try. At the bottom of this valley, you can see the outhouse where we had our base camp!
The cats back! Do I need to say more?
Another gorgeous valley.
The 4x4 club had arranged a nice BBQ.
Panoramic view!