Java Tennis


Do you feel like playing some tennis, but the courts are all book up, or it started to rain on your outdoor court? Well, at this court you will never have those problems, and you don't have to get your behind off your comfy chair either. Get ready for some on-line tennis.

This applet is not yet finished, and it has been stuck in this state for some time, but general demand has requested that I publish it anyway, so take it for what it is. The fact that the player only has one arm should give you a hint that there still are some things left to do...

If you still are interested in playing this you need to know a few things to get going. You control the player with the arrow keys. You start the backswing by pressing 'z' for normal hit or 'x' for lob or drop shot. The longer you keep the key pressed before releasing they key, the harder you will hit the ball (if you do hit it). They player will do the forward swing when you release the key. You control the angle of the ball by the timing of the forward swing. If you release early, it will be a ball going left for forehand (Img 1) and right if it is a backhand and vice versa (Img 2).

Img 1 Img 2

The serve can be quite difficult when you are new to this game. There are three things you have to time right:

  1. The power/height of the toss. This is decided by the length of the duration that you hold down the 'z' key they first time.
  2. The power of the serve. This is decided by the length of the duration that you hold down the 'z' key they second time.
  3. The angle of the ball, which is decided by the height of the ball the second time you release 'z'. If you release the key too late the ball will go to low. If you release to early, the ball will go too far. 

The harder you hit the more difficult it will be to get the ball in the court. But if you hit a soft ball it should be fairly easy to get it in.

Well, that should be enough to get you going.

Let's go play

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