J o a k i m  K.  J o h n s o n

Fannafold 55, 112 Reykjavik, Iceland
Phone:  Mobile +354 896-7257, Home +354 557-5063,
e-mail address: joakim_johnson@hotmail.com.
Résumé homepage: http://valhallawebdesign.com/Resume




Results-oriented information systems professional with proven analytical and problem solving skills. Good ability to enter and understand new environments.  Goal-oriented and committed to cost-effective business solutions.  Up to date on current and cutting edge technologies.  Work well in a group as well as independently.



  • Experienced with a wide variety of programming languages, development tools and operating systems.

  • Many years of IT business experience in several countries.

  • Experience in requirement, design, coding, unit testing, integration testing and deployment.

  •  Experienced in Object Oriented Methodology.

  • On top of cutting-edge web-development technologies including Java and Flash.

  • Experience in developing an IT business from the start, including product development, marketing, and sales.



  • Eclipse, IntelliJ, JBuilder, Visual Studio, MS FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Director, SQL Navigator, Adobe PhotoShop, Rational Rose.

  • Java related: J2EE, EJB, Ant, Tomcat, POI, Taglibs, Slide

  • C, C++, Visual Basic, SQL, Oralce, UML, HTML, Flash, Motorola 68000 assembler.

  • Windows, UNIX, OS/2.



Software architect Idega software, Reykjavik, Iceland      Feb. 2003 -

Developing web-solutions for municipals and sports-clubs. Work included development of eGov solutions for municipals including creating the billing system for childcare module. Technologies used include: J2EE, XML, Oracle, MS SQL, CVS, Ant.


Project Manager at Maskina ehf., Reykjavik, Iceland      Feb. 2002 - Feb. 2003

Project manager for "The Wizard 2.0", the latest version of the flagship product from Maskina ehf. This is a tool that lets the user create mobile services using a web interface and interact with them via mobile phone. I was responsible for planning of over 2 man-years of development and produced a quality product on time and budget. I also took part in the actual development where we used the Java Enterprise platform, Orion application server, XDoclet for EJB management, Oracle and SAP Databases and Tag-libs together with JSP for web content.


System analyst at TAL Hf., Reykjavik, Iceland      Jul. 2000 - Feb. 2002

At this mobile phone company I developed solutions and lead projects for various Value Added Services (mainly different SMS services) using Java.  I was also involved in development of the billing-system for the GPRS (wireless internet) using Java and ObjectSwitch. 

CIBER Consultant, USA July 1996 - June 2000

CIBER Consultant at MCI Worldcom, Colorado Springs, CO, USA   Mar. 1998-Jun.2002

Working with development of automated test cases for regression testing using a C-like language called Win-runner. Development is done on OS/2 and Win NT platform. Some web development including JAVA.


Year 2000 (Y2K) renovation engineer at CIBER 2000, Denver, CO, USA   Jan. - Mar. 1998

Detected Y2K problems and renovated the code by either expanding to four digit year or by using 'windowing' technique.


CIBER Consultant at MCI Worldcom, Colorado Springs, CO, USA   Sep. – Dec. 1997

Worked as a system tester. My main responsibilities were to create and update test cases, to develop test tools and scripts and to execute test cases.


CIBER Consultant at FHP/PacifiCare in Colorado Springs, CO, USA    Jan. - Jul. 1997

Automated the procedure for adding new capitation codes to contract addendum. This was done by creating DCL and COBOL programs under VAX/VMS. These programs control updates of Powerhouse databases, using QTP and QUIZ. In addition, I created tools in Access, Word and Excel using MS Basic.


CIBER Consultant at IBM, Raleigh, NC, USA   July - Nov. 1996

Programmed in C with embedded SQL against DB2/2 for control of hardware production. Other duties included installation of new software and supervision of gateway machines. As a part of a group I helped design Web pages using HTML and CGI.


Project employment at Svensk Tunnplat AB, Borlänge, Sweden   May - Aug. 1995

I used Visual Basic and Access to update and create tools, user interfaces and databases for stock and inventory. The end-users of these products are salespersons and customers.


Consultant system developer at Lindstrand & Persson Konsult AB, Gothenburg, Sweden      Oct. - Jan. 1994 -1995

The project included conversion of an Access tool into a FoxPro tool and the creation of new functions.


Executive software engineer at Texpress Data Systems, Munich, Germany   Oct. - Oct. 1992 - 1994

Systemized and programmed Rapitext, an information and report handling system for radiology divisions at hospitals and clinics. Main responsibilities: defining system requirement and design, coding in FoxPro and C/C++, debugging, testing and installing Novell NetWare.


Freelance journalist for Svenska Hemdator Nytt, (Swedish PC News)   1986 - 1993

Here I reviewed software tools, and entertainment programs as well as hardware, for example disk drives and memory expansion modules. I also interviewed companies such as Electronic Arts and Domark in London, England and wrote reports from fairs in Vienna, Austria and Hannover, Germany.



Web publications linked at http://valhallawebdesign.com/MyWork/

This page contains links to most of the sites that I have created for my own purposes. These sites include Java applications such as a 3D-landscape generator and Mandelbrot fractal generator. You can also find a link to the on-line version of my racing game. This game includes Artificial Intelligence, Dynamic Client-Server networking and adjustments for different CPU performances among other things.



1995 - 1996 Master of Science in Computer Science at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. GPA 3.9 (of 4.0).
1991 - 1992 Economics for engineers at the University College of Falun/Borlänge, Borlänge, Sweden.
1989 - 1991 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University College of Falun/Borlänge, School of Engineering, Borlänge, Sweden.
1986 - 1989 Junior college at Hushagsskolan of Borlänge, Sweden. Specialization in electrical engineering.


LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE (spoken and written)

Swedish (Mother-language), English (excellent), German (very good), Norwegian (good), French (fair), Icelandic (fair).



  • "A study of generative systems for modeling natural phenomena". Masters Thesis 1996.
  • Six articles called "Motorola 68000 assembler language school", Ataristen, May-Oct. 1989
  • Report on speech recognition from a fair in Vienna, "Dags att slänga tangentbordet", Svenska Hemdator Nytt, Oct. 1993.