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From our hotel window
Empire State
View from Empire State
The Flatiron
Pier 17


New York vacation
September 1999

Hello friends and family!

You have found our little site with a few pictures from our New York vacation.  Karolina and I teamed up with the rest of the Johnson family to tour New York.  We managed to arrive in three different attacks and at three different airports, but we all met at the same hotel, namely the Belvedere.  It was a great hotel located on 48th St. and 8th Ave., just a few blocks from Times Square.  We also had Rockefeller Center, MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts), Central Park and Fifth Avenue in a comfortable walking distance, so we used the opportunity and visited them all.  We also saw the Broadway show "Cabaret" and went to the Met (Metropolitan Museum), NYSE, Soho and Pier 17 among other things.

The day after we arrived, hurricane Floyd also visited NYC apart from the killer mosquitoes that already were there.  The hurricane closed down most of the city after 3 pm, but I must say that the weather there was no worse than what I experienced many times biking home from school in Sweden.

Most of the pictures here are of skyscrapers and, as the German tourist said at the top of Empire state building "More stinking skyscrapers".   Enjoy them!


Joakim & Karolina


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