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Since several people have asked me for links to things I have done on the web I decided to create one page with links to some of the things that I have created on the web. Most of the sites that are linked here are close to finished or finished. The links marked 'Work in progress' are still waiting on some touch-ups.

Own stuff:

A study of generative systems for modeling natural phenomena is a port to the web of my masters thesis. If you are interested in how to create images that resembles nature, this is the place! This site contains a couple of Java applets to display the techniques that I used. The applets create a landscape MustSee.gif (5114 bytes) and the Mandelbrot fractal. Work in progress.
The 'Cancun trip' site was made so that our parents overseas could see some pictures from our vacation.
The 'Boston trip' site. Same deal different vacation.
New York City! Latest vacation site.
Moab kamikaze weekend. Mountain bikin'. Two flights over handlebars four flats and four happy pilots!
I created The On-line stocktraders toolbox so that I would have a starting point looking for good investment opportunities. Work in progress.
My own homepage. Old project that hasn't been updated in a very long time. Basically some bookmarks that have been converted into a homepage.


The Dessert menu is a Java game where the goal is to get a hold of the beer. Game includes cool sound effects and hand-grenades, what can I say. Also saves hiscore list if you get one of the 10 best times. This was done with a CGI-script written in Perl.
Speed Bumper. MustSee.gif (5114 bytes) This Java applet boasts:
Ray-traced cars (64 versions).
Up to five computer controlled cars (and they are ruthless so watch out).
Different skill levels. Some people have hinted that the "computer cars are too good". Well let me tell you that the computer controlled cars are never better than your car. (It all depends on the driver!)
Several different tracks. (Well three at the moment [that's several isn't it?])
Up to 500x500 pixel scrolling area.
Adjustable view size to accommodate different CPU-speeds and workloads. If you think the scrolling window is too small, the only thing you have to do is to buy a faster computer. This game is made to cram all the CPU-power out of your machine, so if you got things running in the background you might want to shut them down.
Whoppin' 50 frames/second(!)
Skidmarks on the track.

All this and more is only a ~100k download! We have also developed a networked version where several players and computer controlled cars battle for the checkered flag. This is only available as an application because of security constraints in Java and speed limitations of the web. It comes with a game server that that controls the communication between the different users/players. Work in progress.

3D image cube.
This is a 3D image cube which you can control with the mouse, or let the applet spin it around for you. It displays nice shadow effects on both the box and the ground. The applet scales the images to fit the side of the box and crops the edges only if the image isn't quadratic. The applet is configurable so that you can set up what images you want on each side. This applet requires some horsepower to run smoothly and might take some time to download on a regular modem. We might give this applet out for free when we consider it finished if someone is interested. Work in progress.

Work for other people:

Karolina's resume homepage.
Tom's resume homepage.


That pretty much covers it. Well, more is on it's way of course and updates will end up here sooner or later.


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