AI sportsgame without name

Control players by moving the mouse.


Arrowkeys       move

Space   Speed boost.

X         Shoot/tackle/change player

T          Turbo. Will toggle 2x speed.

P          Pause.

K         Select key input

M         Select Mouse input

Q         Release user ctrl of player
D         Display debug info

Click here to start

Click here to start in frame


Nov 14 2006

Tournament are now simulated so that the scores are realistic according to team strengths.

Nov 2. 2006

Added a turbo mode. This can be nice in the Tournaments. You can engage turbo if you are in a comfortable lead, to quicker advance in the tournament. Just press “T” to toggle turbo mode.

Better goalie. The goalie will now also take into account where the puck/ball is heading instead of just where it is at the moment. Goalies are now also a quicker.

Because of the better goalies, I also had to make the AI shoot harder, to give it a chance to score.

You are allowed to select formations in soccer quick mode, rather than using teams default formation.

Acceleration and slowdown when turning. This a quite big change for AI and gameplay, even though I have tried to keep the settings so that the change won’t be too noticeable.


Added a menu system. You can now choose Soccer or Hockey in the menu.

Hockey only provides a quick game feature for now. There you just select your own team and the AI team and off you go.

If you select Soccer, then you can choose quick game or career. Quick game is same as for hockey. The teams that you can select are differently skilled. St. Johns is least skilled and Steinway have the best players. Normal, slow, mixed and BallsFC are test teams. You should be able to create challenging match by changing teams as you see fit.

In Career you can compete in tournament (Cup not yet available, will come later). Select the tournament you want to play. "Backyard brawl" hosts teams with various skills and you control "Fairview". General ranking:

  1. Westchester
  2. Fairview (Player team)
  3. Ridgefield
  4. Astoria
  5. Newport
  6. East River
  7. Calvary
  8. St Johns

Tournament "Allsvenskan" was just a test and all teams have the same formation and same players (all player "normal"). This tournament holds 6 teams. In these tournaments, you only play each team once. So that makes it 5 rounds for allsvenskan and 7 rounds for Backyard brawl.


Each match is 2*3min. If you quit a game early, you will give 3 goals to the opponent team. All other match-results are for now just randomly generated. No save feature for now, you have to play to the end.