Java 4K  

Blast 4K
Late 4K
Slalom 4K
Kick 4K
Collapse 4K
Shot 4K
Trucker 4K
Balls 4K
A spring is in the air 4K

Java Games 4K

A few contributions to the Java games 4K competition. See more info and other contributions here. On the left are links to some games with the size <= 4096 bytes.

How to play them

In order to play these games you will need to have Java 1.4+ installed on your computer. If you don't already have it installed, you can install java from . All games can be webstarted or downloaded as a jar. If this seems confusing, it simply means that, in order to start a game, you either click the webstart button, or download the jar and doubleclick it (if java is properly installed). If that doesn't work, type "java -jar <filename>" at the command-prompt from the directory where the jar file is stored.

Other games

  • Under development, but quite playable Tennis. If you are good at Java 3D GFX and human animation please let me know!
  • Quite old java 1.1 applet Speed Bumper.
  • Even older Dessert Menu.

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