Speed Bumper, a Java car-racing game


Java racing game

Before you go

This applet is designed to use test the limit of what a Java applet can do (see features below). We therefore recommend that you turn off, shut down and disable anything that uses unnecessary CPU power. If you have been surfing around and tested a few other Java applets it might be a good idea to close your browser(s) and open them up again since Java applet still seems to leave some trash behind hindering the next applet to utilize the computer in full.

It is a fact that most Java applets run faster on Internet Explorer than on Netscape Navigator. In this case it seems to make a BIG difference. If the scrolling area shrinks down to a small box, it depends on to low CPU power and/or to slow Java environment.

You are a Beta-tester! This applet has only been tested on a few platforms. We take no responsibility for anything this applet does to you, but we have done what we can to prevent any problems from happening when using it. Please report your experience at the Beta tester Report form at the bottom. Thanks!

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bulletRay-traced cars (64 versions).
bulletUp to five computer controlled cars (and they are ruthless so watch out). In multiplayer mode up to five computer cars / computer (as long as the network keeps up).
bulletDifferent skill levels. Some people have hinted that the "computer cars are too good". Well let me tell you that the computer controlled cars are never better than your car. (It all depends on the driver!)
bulletSeveral different tracks. (Well three at the moment [that's several isn't it?])
bulletUp to 600x600 pixel scrolling area!
bulletAdjustable view size to accommodate different CPU-speeds and workloads. If you think the scrolling window is too small, the only thing you have to do is to buy a faster computer. This game is made to cram all the CPU-power out of your machine, so if you got things running in the background you might want to shut them down.
bulletWhoppin' 50 frames/second(!)
bulletSkidmarks on the track.


Accelerate Up
Brake / Reverse Down
Turn left Left
Turn right Right


Use the drop-down menus to select:

bulletTrack. As soon as I get unlimited time in my life I will create a track editor for you. Until then you are stuck with the tracks that I created.
bulletNumber of laps. The track selection sets this to the default value for the selected track, but you can change it.
bulletNumber of computer controlled cars. The more the merrier. If you have notice that the scrolling area is small, you might want to reduce the number of cars to give more CPU cycles to scrolling the screen which makes it bigger. Bigger is better!
bulletSkill. Can you handle the real thing?

When you press the start button your car will blink at the start-line. It is always the red on in pole position in single player mode. Then the clock in the upper left corner will count down from -3 to 0. Don't beat the gun! If you do you will have to release the accelerator once before you can start and you are left in the dust...

Network is not an option with the web applet. You will need the application to run multiplayer mode.

Well what are you waiting for?

Let's get started!

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